In the Patch 6.1 for Final Fantasy XIV, Sage, the new healer introduced in Endwalker, received some surprise buffs. These included changes to three of the Sage’s abilities—Dosis, Soteria, and Addersting—that enhanced the way the Sage felt to play, and could augment its healing.

The first change to Dosis lowers the MP cost from 400 to 300. This prevents the basic damage ability of the Sage from being a Mana drain, meaning you can spam it all you want and not worry about saving any MP for healing.

The next change to Soteria changes it to a stackable ability with up to 4 stacks. Since Soteria buffs the effect of Kardia (the Sage’s passive healing ability) you can far more effectively heal your Kardion target. Or, multiple Kardion targets. It should make healing the Main Tank to full after that buster a breeze for the Sage.

Finally, the change to Addersting alters the way Eukrasian Diagnosis works. In the past, you’d only gain Addersting stacks after enough shields from Eukrasian Diagnosis had been consumed. Now, with the change, you’ll receive full stacks of Addersting the first time you enter any instanced battle. So dungeons and raids, etc.

Overall the changes make Sage just a bit easier to manage. The Soteria changes and Addersting buff mean Sage is now a far better option for raids and other difficult content, especially when wipes are frequent.

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