The Final Fantasy XIV Housing Lottery is the system by which housing in Final Fantasy XIV is allocated. The system replaced a much less fair system in early 2022, by entering everyone who attempts to purchase a house into a lottery. The lottery runs on schedule giving players around a week to submit their tickets and potentially win the housing lottery. Below, we’ve listed the details, dates, and deadlines for the current Housing Lottery period.

Current Final Fantasy XIV Housing Lottery Schedule

Below is the current Housing Lottery Schedule for FFXIV:

  • The current Housing Lottery Period started on July 28 at 8am PT
  • It ended on August 2 at 7:59am PT
  • The results period in which results will be formulated will begin on August 2
  • Players will need to claim their winning bids by August 6 at 7:59 am PT
  • The next Housing Lottery Period will begin sometime after August 6

Housing Lottery periods last for just over a week, or 10 days. The schedule isn’t set in stone, and changes to facilitate things like patch updates, downtime, etc. Based on the current schedule, the next Housing Lottery Period should begin between August 6 and August 8.

How the Housing Lottery works in Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, the housing lottery gives players a fair chance to buy empty housing plots in-game. During the Housing Lottery Period, you’ll be able to place a bid on a house, providing you have enough money. Once you’ve paid the money, you’ll be entered into a lottery with anyone else making a purchase. If you’re the only one who placed a bid, you’ll win after the lottery concludes. For more information on the Housing Lottery system, check out our article on When does the Housing Lottery Sale System come to Final Fantasy XIV?

How much do I have to pay to enter the Housing Lottery?

Housing in Final Fantasy XIV has different pricing based on location and size. Below are all the possible prices for housing in FFXIV:

Small Plots


Medium Plots


Large Plots


How do new houses become available in FFXIV?

In FFXIV, new houses become available for purchase if someone vacates a lot, sells their old lot, or the house is Auto Demolished. Auto Demolition usually takes place after 45 days of inactivity on the housing plot. However, Auto Demolition has been inactive since 2021.

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