Crystalline Conflict is a PvP mode in Final Fantasy XIV launched in April, 2022. The game mode is a 5v5 player versus player competition where opponents must take part in a tug-of-war style battle to push a crystal along a track. To do so, you must slay opposing players, occupy the space below the crystal, and prevent your opponents from pushing it back. 

But how can you succeed in this daunting task, and what are the rewards for doing so? We’ve listed some strategies and all the rewards for Crystalline Conflict below.

All current Crystalline Conflict rewards

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There are dozens of rewards for taking part in Crystalline Conflict, whether that’s ranked or unranked play. Really, the only limit on most of these rewards is how much you’re willing to play the mode. A full set of Series 2 rewards is obtainable after around 50 games, or less if you’re winning a lot.

Series 2 Rewards

  • Trophy Crystals
  • Ballroom Etiquette – Taking Sides
  • Azure Framer’s Kit
  • Clockwork Cerulean Chaser
  • Clockwork Crimson Chaser
  • Crimson Framer’s Kit
  • Fylgja Horn

Trophy Crystal Rewards

  • Tropaios Weapons
  • Virtu Gear
  • Lone Wolf Accessories
  • Job Specific Framer’s Kits
  • Protonaught Minion
  • Wolf Barding
  • Warming Up Orchestrion Roll
  • Festival of the Hunt Orchestrion Roll
  • Run! Orchestrion Roll
  • Azure Banner of Conflict
  • Crimson Banner of Conflict
  • Wolf Collar

Wolf Collars can be further exchanged for more rewards, previously only obtainable from The Feast, a now defunct PvP mode. 

As with all PvP modes, Crystalline Conflict also drops Wolf Marks, a PvP currency that allows you to buy glamour gear.

Ranked Crystalline Conflict Rewards

If you take part in ranked Crystalline Conflict, you’ll receive rewards based on your final rank and tier. Each tier has its own unique Framer’s Kit that will show your rank for the past season. Additionally, unique Frames will be given to players within the top 100. Full details on these rewards can be found on the official ranking page.

How to win Crystalline Conflict – Basic Strategy

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Don’t immediately run in

One huge mistake new players make is running in and dying immediately. Instead wait for your opponents to make this mistake, and take advantage of it.

Stay on the crystal, unless you’re going to die

Sticking on the crystal, for the majority of the time, is the best move. While this can have unique cases where its not a good idea (we don’t suggest standing in AoEs or dying for no reason), if you’re full on health, mana, and cooldowns, you should probably be on the crystal.

Control the healing pots

Healing pots can instantly change the face of a fight. Jump on them and power up even if you’re not that low. Denying a heal from an opposing player can be as good as killing them

Know when to disengage

Knowing when to fight and when to flee and heal is the biggest skill to learn in Crystalline Conflict. Sometimes, even with half health, you’re strong because you have mana or a Limit Break. Know your limits, and fight around them

If its overtime DEFINITELY don’t get off the crystal

In overtime, you’ll lose the round if you get off the crystal. So stick it out to the bigger end!

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