With the new Fieldsense system adding deeper WR vs DB battles in Madden 23, speed isn’t everything off the line, but it still makes a huge difference for WRs. Not only do receivers have to be able to run fast, but they also must be able to release from presses, run clean routes, and have quality change-of-direction. Speed is still key though, so here are all the fastest WRs in Madden 23.

RankPlayerSpeed Rating
10Calvin Austin III95
9Robbie Anderson96
8Anthony Schwartz96
7Marquise Goodwin96
6Mecole Hardman97
5Marquise Brown97
4Jaylen Waddle97
3Quez Watkins98
2Jameson Williams98
1Tyreek Hill99

Speed is the primary rating rankings are based on, but if speed ratings are equal, agility, acceleration, and change of direction are added together to determine the faster player.

It’s no surprise that Tyreek Hill remains the fastest WR in the league in Madden 23. What is surprising is the number of rookies in the top ten including Jameson Williams and Calvin Austin III. Since Madden 23 will have regular updates with ratings also adjusted, the fastest WRs may change throughout the season.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

There is a large selection of very fast WRs, but opposing CBs have more ways to stop routes, and many are equipped with abilities and X-Factors. WRs not only have to be fast, but they must have a good release rating, especially when facing man-to-man cornerbacks.

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