Solstice has returned, and with it, the grind for new and better armor. Bungie has somehow managed to simplify the grind while making other aspects of it more complex. With three core currencies and a whole lot of grinding ahead, we need to simplify the process, or at least expedite it. Here’s how you can do so.

Destiny 2 – How to quickly upgrade Solstice Candescent Armor

Quick and Dirty

  • Acquire and complete Eva Levante’s introductory mission
  • Go through the list of Triumphs in the Event Card and start knocking them out as quickly as possible
  • Focus on upgrading one piece of armor fully before moving on to another

How and Why

The first order of business is to get cracking on Eva Levante’s mission. Head to the Tower and pick up the quest from her. After acquiring and equipping your less-than-ideal new set of armor, speak with her again to receive the next step, which is collecting Silver Leaves.

Silver Leaves can be acquired from any activity. This includes patrols, strikes, Crucible, etc. Note that you don’t need to wear the full set of Solstice armor while doing this to get your Silver Leaves. So long as you’re wearing at least a single piece (we recommend the class item), you’ll get your leaves.

With Silver Leaves in hand, it’s time to head to the Bonfire Bash event. With each Ignition Carrier that is slain, they will drop an orb that must be cast into the bonfire. Doing so will convert one Silver Leaf into five Silver Ash. There are a total of 20 orbs that can be obtained per run, which equates to a total of 100 Silver Ash, potentially.

Note that when the boss is dropped, the more Candescent armor is being worn at the time, the more rewards will be received. As such, it’s crucial to be wearing this full set of armor.

With that out of the way, head back to Eva Levante to complete your first Triumph in the new Event Card. This will unlock the remaining Triumphs in the Event Card. Completing these Triumphs will award Kindling. By focusing on one piece of armor, Guardians can add Kindling to their Candescent armor. Kindling will increase the armor’s potential and allow Glowing Embers to be imbued. These Embers will reroll stats for the armor.

Eventually, after completing Eva Levante’s initial quest, Guardians will be thrown into the deep end of the event. Pay attention to the Triumphs and their requirements. Completing the Triumphs will typically yield the Silver Leaves as they throw Guardians into playlists, in addition to the Kindling from completing the Triumph itself.

This Kindling is the key, as Guardians need a total of six Kindling to fully level up a single piece of armor. So, again, look through the Triumphs in the Event Card to make completing them as efficient as possible.

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