When used against any opponent, Sifu’s focus bar can be quite powerful. Consequently, it can be used once every few encounters, but there is a way to charge it faster on harder enemies.

As long as you make contact with the enemy, the focus bar will increase regardless of whether you land an attack. Hence, you can vault over any nearby surface, hit once or twice, and vault again until the focus bar is completely full. Although this is a way of exploiting the game, it’s a fast and easy way to build up focus against enemies who won’t stop blocking.

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You will need to do this about 20-30 times before the focus bar is full. This is much faster than going through a bunch of enemies just to get the focus bar charged up for one use.

You should only beat up bosses and mini-bosses using this technique, as you can beat up regular guys before your bar is full. So don’t worry about refilling it in crowded fights, although it does work.

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