When it comes to weapons in Fantasy Life Online, 5-Star is the way to go. That being said, some 5-Star weapons are better than others, even taking into consideration what Life they are meant for. Players looking to get the most bang for their buck can use the following list to see where their inventory falls in the grand scheme of things. Here is our Fantasy Life Online weapon tier list for all the 5-Star weapons currently in the game:

SCrimson Lucio, Blue Knights Falcon Wings, Crystal Snow
AWar Carpenter’s Saw, Bear Grinder, Snow Blossom Axe,
Mermaid Princess, Coastal Hibiscus
BFirelord’s Pickaxe, Earthlord’s Pickaxe, Brute’s Rod, Flower Rod,
Ocean Hammer, Coral Saw, Ocean Needle
CBlue Devil Hammer, Royal Needle, Sweet Apple,
Windcalling Staff, Sage Staff, Moonlight

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Of course, a player’s playstyle will dictate which weapons work best for them. This list tries to best categorize these 5-Star weapons by ATK, but owning any of these weapons will boost a player’s power tremendously over lower star equipment.

While there is information on many other 5-Star weapons from the previous Japanese version of Fantasy Life Online, this list only contains weapons from the Global release.

This list will change from month to month as the game is updated and new weapons are released. It is constantly evolving as more information becomes known about Fantasy Life Online, so make sure to check back often to see where each character falls as time goes on.

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