Many mobile gacha game players are familiar with “rerolling,” the act of starting a game over and over again until its initial pull of characters/items is to their liking. With a cast of fantastic characters, Fantasy Life Online has players wanting to make sure they get the best ones right off the bat. Unfortunately, standard methods for rerolling do not work with FSO.

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Players can reroll in many mobile gacha games by deleting the game’s cache and game data and restarting the process of their initial pulls. The only way to truly reroll in Fantasy Life Online is to create new accounts with different Google or Facebook accounts. This could take quite a bit of time, and players would need to keep creating new accounts until they obtain the initial characters they desire.

It is safe to assume that Level 5 has purposefully made rerolling a difficult process in order to force players to succumb to the Diamond System, spending money (or grinding for hours in-game) to obtain their favorite 5-Star characters. Thankfully Diamonds are awarded freely early on in the game, allowing players to save a good amount for their pulls.

As the game goes on, however, Diamonds become harder and harder to obtain.

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