With so many different characters in Fantasy Life Online, it can be hard to determine which are the best of the best to pull for when it comes to summoning and putting together the best party. Let us take a look at the best character pulls in the game.

S+Haku, Hawke, Lucio
SSlone, Teruha, Jake
ABray, Grantz, Glen, Snow
BBelhart, Kennedy, Klaus
CAqua, Josette, Sophie

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The S+ tier is made up entirely of DPS characters, with many of the lower tier characters coming from crafting/gathering lives. Even though many certain characters fall lower in this list, any of these characters are excellent pulls and great additions to any party. Fantasy Life Online is a game that allows players to tailor their playstyle in many different ways, and certain characters may work better for some than they do for others.

This list will change from month to month as the game is updated and new characters are released. Make sure to check back often to see where each character falls as time goes on.

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