News surrounding the removal of the “oof” sound effect has been non-stop since its announcement via Roblox’s official Twitter account on July 26, 2022. Fans of the brief audio clip voiced their opinions regarding its removal across social media and made sure to let Roblox know their immense disappointment. From TikTok to Twitter to the Roblox platform itself, fans have created protests, petitions, and now, a funeral.

Created only a day after the announcement, the OOF Funeral experience has garnered nearly 7,000 visits and 1,500 favorites. Upon spawning into this experience, players are met with a somber score, rows of identical chairs, and a casket on top of a raised platform. Inside of this casket? A classic noob avatar, lying still with a single red rose.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

This experience, while it may seem laughable or unnecessary to some, serves as a place for Robloxians across the platform to come together and pay their respects to one of the most, if not the most, influential memes to ever come from the Roblox community. Not only is the “oof” sound known to Roblox players, its existence has also traveled across the internet, intertwining with fandoms, internet cultures, and movements far beyond the boundaries of Roblox.

From the biggest Roblox casuals to the veterans of the Metaverse, players of all ages and backgrounds are visiting the OOF Funeral and bonding with those around them as they reminisce on their fondest “oof”-related memories. “I can’t believe it’s been a few days since it happened,” said one user. “It’s so sad, honestly,” said another user. “It’s what made Roblox, Roblox.” “The OG Noob of all Noobs,” said a third user. “He [Noob] was more than a sound to us.”

It’s unknown how long this experience will stay open, but considering the outpouring of love it (and the “oof” sound itself) has received, it likely won’t be going anywhere soon.

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