Wolves are one of the many common types of animal threats you will face in Fallout 76, and they are also required from time to time for challenges. That said, the first Fallout 76 wolf location you can find wolves at is during the free-range event that can occur near Tyler county fairgrounds, as shown below.

During this event, you will be treated to around seven wolves at the start of it, so if you need to find wolves for whatever reason, free-range is always an excellent place to start. 

Another event would be the Leader of the pack as a named wolf along with a few escort wolves will spawn during the event. This event will also take place in the forest region, so keep your eyes out.

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However, you will probably need to server hop a few times before finding it because events don’t always spawn regularly. Moving on, for nonevents, players can set their eyes on both the BOS commentary outside of Hunterville. 

The commentary will be right outside the town on the right when you fast travel, and sometimes you can find a few wolves by it. You can also find wolves sometimes at the Widow’s perch south of the riverside manor and at the Investigator’s cabin near twin peaks. 

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