If you are looking to arm yourself with some strong and rare weaponry in Fallout 76 then our locations guide has an ever growing list of options! You will need to equip yourself with the best gear to survive the wasteland that is Fallout 76.

Rare Gun & Weapon Information

  • Found weapons will always be the same level, but the damage and condition will be random.
  • There are multiple spots where you can find a lot of the various weapons listed below.
  • Some guns take special ammunition which might be hard to find.

50 Cal Machine Gun

You’ll find the 50 Cal Machine Gun in the north west portion of the map near Hemlock Holes. Look for a partially buried airplane, once you’ve found this there will be a truck nearby that has been turned into kind of a bunker. In the bed of the truck you will find this big machine gun.

Alien Blaster

You can find the Alien Blaster in the northern part of the map and to the west of the butterfly. It’s in a box that can be found in the water in a submerged box. Be careful here, you will take some radiation, so you might want to pop some meds. The Alien Blaster takes AB Rounds, which are specific to the gun.

Black Powder Pistol

Head to the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery that is directly north east of the butterfly. You’ll find a building here that you can enter. Go to the basement/lower floor and you will see a bunch of display cases. They are all bulletproof, but near the stairs is a red button and you can press this to open them all. You will find the Black Powder Pistol in one of these cases.

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Black Powder Rifle

To find the Rifle version of the Black Powder class of weaponry you will head pretty far east on the map to Harpers Ferry. You’ll find a building with display cases, which is very similar to the Black Powder Pistol location listed above. This time, however, all of the cases have been busted so you won’t have to press a button to open them. You can also find a Black Powder Pistol if you haven’t gone for the one mentioned above yet.


If you are looking to find yourself a crossbow, there’s one to the east of the butterfly at the Palace of the Winding Path. You don’t actually have to go into the building itself, but head into the area through the gate and hang a left.Hug the cement wall until you a target shooting area, there will be a crossbow waiting for you on the table.

Guitar Sword

The Guitar Sword is a melee weapon that is right near where Vault 76 is located. You’ll have to traverse some mountainous terrain to get there, but it’ll be worth it! You’ll find the Guitar Sword propped up next to the chair where there’s a hut in this area.

Hunting Rifle/Sniper Rifle

If you are looking for a good long ranged weapon, then the Hunting/Sniper Rifle will serve you well. You can find this to the south east of the Palace of the Wind Path in a mining area. Right outside the mine, you will find the Hunting Rifle sitting up against a bench.

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