One of the many boss types in Fallout 76 are mirelurk queens, and you can find them in the game in several locations, almost always depending on your server, etc. That said, here are the best Fallout 76 mirelurk queen locations.

  • Primal Cuts Event
  • Cranberry Glades
  • Quarry X3
  • Sunrise Field
  • Spruce Knobe
  • The Freak Show 
  • Heart of the Swamp Event
  • Highland Marsh

Overall, you can find mirelurk queens in these locations, with our personal favorite being Quarry X3, Sunrise Field, and Cranberry Galdes, as you can find the queens there frequently. 

That being said, we recommend searching these three locations more than often than the others, and if you don’t find any queens, try server hopping as most likely someone beat you to them first.

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However, before fighting mirelurk queens, we highly recommend bringing some heavy-duty weapons like a gatling laser, mini-gun, or gatling plasma gun, as the queens can tank a lot of damage

But with one of these weapons or a gatling gun, you can widdle their health down with no problem at all. It might also be worth bringing a friend along for the ride as you might get overwhelmed with the smaller enemies that spawn.

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