Liberators are a common type of robot in Fallout 76 that regularly spawn in a few locations in the game and in events. These robots are also required to complete the kill robots objective, so if you are looking for these liberators, we recommend checking the following locations. 

  • Charleston Landfill 
  • Mama Dolce’s Food Processing Plant
  • The Deep
  • Outside Vault 76
  • Graninger Farm
  • Charleston Fire Department
  • Cobbleton Farm
  • Fujiniya Intelligence Base

Overall, finding Liberators is not hard as they can spawn pretty commonly in various locations such as the fire department and Mama Dolce’s Food Processing Plant. However, the best way to find these robots is during any defend workshop event as they are a ubiquitous enemy during said events. 

They can also appear in events at Mama Dolce’s Food Processing Plant, so because of that, we recommend watching for events at the plant and to claim a workshop in the game. 

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Once you claim a workshop, leave it alone and wait for a defend workshop mission to appear. When it appears, there is a good chance liberator will be the foe attacking it.

However, it might take a while for the mission to appear, so in the meantime, you should check one of our listed locations for the robots. You can also, instead of this, simply server hop until you find a server with a defend workshop event and farm them that way. 

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