In Fallout 76, legendary enemies are an excellent source of both XP and powerful legendary weapons and armor. If you want to go on a legendary enemy hunt, we highly recommend the following locations as the perfect and the go-to farming route. 

The best legendary farm locations in Fallout 76:

  • Huntersville 
  • West Tek Research Center
  • National Isolated Radio Array
  • The Burrows
  • The General’s Steakhouse
  • Crevasse Dam
  • Whitespring Golf Club
  • Charleston Capitol Building DMV 
  • Fissure Sites
  • Nuked Locations

The locations listed above have all been tested, and we found legendaries more often than not when clearing said locations out. So because of that, we highly recommend using the route listed above and clearing every single location on the list. 

Once you finish clearing all locations ending at the Whitespring Golf Club or after clearing all fissure sites on the map – we recommend server hopping to repeat the process on another server. 

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You can also try launching nukes at locations such as cranberry bog as legendaries tend to spawn often there, but launching nukes a lengthy process. 

Because of that, we don’t recommend it as a step in the farming run, only as an extra stop if there is an already nuked location on the map. The rewards you get from nuking locations also don’t match the time or the effort required to do them, and you can earn more farming elsewhere.

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