Assaultrons are among the various robot enemy types in Fallout 76 that only spawn in specific locations on the map. These robots are also required often to complete the destroy robots weekly and daily challenges. That said, you can find assaultrons in the following locations listed below.

  • Watoga
  • AMS Corporate Headquarters
  • Site Alpha, Bravo, Charlie
  • White Spring Resort
  • Hornwright Estate
  • Arktos Pharma biome lab

Overall, there are a few locations you can find assaultrons, but not as many compared to other enemies in the game. However, your best and go-to location for farming assaultrons for either challenges or their resource drops would be around the town of Watoga. The reason why is that you can find them pretty easily patrolling the western outskirts of the Watoga. 

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There are also quite a few of them, so you have an even higher chance of finding one, but when you do encounter them, make sure to shoot their legs out. The legs are the weak point of assaultrons, so shooting or destroying the legs will weaken them significantly, but be careful as they may explode as a last-ditch effort to kill you. 

Because of this, the general idea is to use a ranged weapon like a shotgun or minigun to destroy the legs and then retreat to a safe distance – after this, proceed to fire on the robot again.

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