Fall Guys is a fast-paced platforming battle royale where you compete against other players on various courses in a series of rounds. This adds all sorts of challenges and game modes, including Tip Toe. This may leave you wondering what Tip Toe is and how to beat it in Fall Guys.

What is Tip Toe in Fall Guys

Tip Toe is one of the few games where it pays to be patient and not rush to the finish line. The goal is to cross a series of platforms to reach the end, but the catch is that some platforms will disappear when you get near. This means you must navigate the platform field to find the correct path, but only a handful of players can win this round.

When a player stands on a platform, it will light up and reveal that it is solid. When no players are standing on the platform, it will return to its normal appearance. This means you will want to stay with other players near the front to gauge whether a platform is safe. If you stand on a vanishing platform, you will fall and have to start over.

How to win Tip Toe in Fall Guys

There are two primary strategies to winning Tip Toe in Fall Guys. The first is to stay at the front of the pack when looking for the path. This is dangerous as the platforms can become crowded, and you risk getting pushed off. The benefit is that you can be closer to the finish line and cross it when the path is discovered.

The second option would be to stay with the farthest platform but remain at the back of the group. This lets you somewhat avoid the push for the front, but you also risk being in the back when the path is discovered. Count how many players are on the platform when nearing the finish line, and ensure there are enough slots for you to win.

You can push other players off the platform to secure a place for yourself, especially when nearing the end. Falling off the path close to the finish line is an almost guaranteed loss. Be careful when pushing other players or they may turn against you and push you off.

If you fall off, try to memorize where the path was. Once the front pack gets further out, the path, in the beginning, will no longer be illuminated, and you must guess where it is safe to walk. We recommend not trying to rush this course and play it safe to ensure you finish.

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