The Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, introduced in the 30th Anniversary Pack, brought with it a new set of rewards in the form of weapons. One of these weapons obtainable from the dungeon is the beloved Legendary Hand Cannon, Eyasluna, from Destiny 1. Here are the best perks for the Eyasluna, as well as its God Roll in Destiny 2.

The Eyasluna is a potential reward for completing the Grasp of Avarice dungeon that was included in the Bungie 30th Anniversary pack. If you’ve already received the Eyasluna once from the final boss Captain Avarokk, you will also be able to find it as a potential reward in the two secret chests that give out loot previously discovered in the dungeon.

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PvE God Roll

PvE does tend to be very subjective in terms of playstyle, and that makes pinpointing an exact God Roll a little more difficult. That being said, the Eyasluna works best in PvE when it uses perks that raise its stats across the board.


  • Sight – Steadyhand HCS
  • Magazine – Armor Peircing Rounds
  • Trait 1 – Perpetual Motion
  • Trait 2 – Headstone

The big one here is Headstone as Trait 2. The headstone will spawn a Stasis Crystal at the enemy’s location on precision final blows. Since Stasis is so strong in PvE, this trait is a must-have. The Perpetual Motion Trait is important as it gives the player increased stability, handling, and reload speed while in motion, and most Destiny 2 players are constantly moving. The Steadyhand HCS paired with Armor Piercing Rounds helps to make this hand cannon deadly at a longer range to get those precision final blows needed to create Stasis Crystals.

PvP God Roll

PvP is where this weapon stands out, just as its Destiny 1 variant did. Compared to the other 140 RPM Hand Cannons, the only place it is lacking is the range. However, with the right build, this Hand Cannon can not only compete, but it will win most fights.


  • Sight – Steadyhand HCS
  • Magazine – Ricochet Rounds
  • Trait 1 – Perpetual Motion
  • Trait 2 – Moving Target

This build focuses on extending the range of the Eyasluna, while also keeping the player mobile. Mobility is one of the most important aspects of PvP content, and Perpetual Motion is the perfect trait for it since it increases stability, handling, and reload speed while the user is in motion. Pair this with the Moving Target trait and you will be a force to be reckoned with in the crucible.

That’s it, there are the Eyasluna God Rolls, and its best perks in Destiny 2. Remember that oftentimes God Rolls are subjective and may not reflect everyone’s playstyle. A perfect God Roll will fit all the needs the individual has for it.

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