Expeditions: Rome’s developers, Logic Artists, collaborated with Pitstop Productions to create voiceovers for its game. Among the titles Pitstop Productions provided voiceovers for were Divinity Original Sin 2, Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions.

The current cast list is as follows:

  • Adam Howden – Turius Orestes
  • Alexandra Metaxa – Eritha
  • Bradley Taylor – Corvius, Bellius Paenula, and Roman Interrogator
  • Charlotte East – Liviana and Lucia
  • Chris Pavlo – Damianos, Theodoros, Boethus, Habron, Rhianus, and Athanasios
  • Christos Lawton – Porcius Cato, Lucius Cotta, Cincius Carius, Geminus, Agrippa, and Flavius
  • Crispin Redman – Marcellus Vipsanius and Savinius Ursinus
  • Dan Mersh – Tacitus (Narrator)
  • Daphne Alexander – Zenobia, Xenoclea, and Aurelia Cotta, Kallis
  • Dario Coates – Tullius Cicero, Minucius Thermus, Felix Hadrianus, Decimus, Hortensius, Quintus, and Gaul Butcher’s Son
  • David Boyle – Violent Praetorian
  • Diarmaid Murtagh – Vercingetorix and Gallic Merchant Chef
  • Fanos Xenofos – Theophilus, Archelaus, and Laomedontas
  • Gary Lilburn – Divitiacus
  • Hara Yannas – Tener and Memphis Ubaste Cultist
  • Helen Keeley – Claudiana
  • Henry Pettigrew – Ambiorix, Marcellus, Aulus, Newsreader, and Gaul Butcher
  • Jack Ayres – Julius Caesar, Albinus, and Vitellius Legionary
  • James Gillies – Licinius Luvullus and Magistrate
  • John Heffernan – Tricky Praetorian and Vitellius Legionary
  • Josh Wichard – Vitellius Lurco
  • Jude Owusu – Meddur, Igider, Court of Heaven and Shaman
  • Karl Queensborough – Vitellius Scaevola, Izil, and Gwafa
  • Kayi Ushe – Warmaksan
  • Kerri McLean – Lunja and Cecilia
  • Lanna Joffrey – Amenia
  • Lara Sawalha – Cleopatra
  • Leah McNamara – Gallic Civilian Female and Roman Civilian Poor Female
  • Leemore Marrett Jr. – Bestia Tabat
  • Leroy Bonsu – Udad, Aksil, and Gulussa
  • Luyana Lewis-Nyawo – Sekkura and Bestia’s Sister
  • Matt Addis – Pompeius Magnus, Egnatius Naso, Dumnorix, Orgetorix, Silvius, Cativolcus, Antonius, and The New “King”
  • Nezar Alderazi – Ptolemy
  • Peter Polycarpou – Mithridates and Eftymious
  • Philip Ishak Arditti – Nektarios
  • Roger Ringrose – Sextus, Marcus Cotta, Vitus, Claudius Tranquilus, and Rubrius Gordio
  • Rosin Rankin – Sextus’ Daughter
  • Rosie Jones – Julia Calida and Divitiacus’ Son
  • Scott Joeseph – Caeso Quinctius Aquilinus
  • Shala Nyx – Deianeira
  • Stephane Cornicard – Syneros
  • Timothy Watson – Stoic Praetorian
  • Tommy Sim’aan – Gavius Tutor, Pigres, Cassius, and Cordius
  • Vangelis Christodoulou – Diodoros and Alexios
  • Yasmine Mwanza – Sabinia
  • Zehra Jane Naqiv – Raia

There are 270 unique characters in total, of which these are two major characters. According to the developer diary, all of the lines in the game will be voiced.

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Logic Artists have made sure that the voice acting in the game is authentic to how a Roman would speak. This game has a script filled with Roman language, and an Italian professor recorded a pronunciation guide with his son. In addition to the classical pronunciation, he also provided the ecclesiastical pronunciation.

This is a huge leap forward compared to Expeditions: Viking, which had some combat lines voiced and very few lines of dialogue. In Expeditions: Rome, Logic Artists made sure to have their entire 300,000 words voice, which is no small feat.

As more actors are revealed, we will update this guide.

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