When you’re playing Roblox games like Mad City and Jailbreak, driving around alone can feel lonely. But music is a great way to fill those long stretches of silence. If you have a Boombox or purchased a Gamepass that allows music ID codes, then you can jam out to Babyxsosa’s “Everywhere I Go.”

“Everywhere I Go” Song ID Code: 7156629013

How to Redeem Music ID Codes

Redeeming Song ID Codes works different across each experience in Roblox. Some games ban boomboxes and radios entirely, others provide the feature for free, and other games lock the feature behind a Gamepass. If you’re looking for a quick, free experience to test the song, check out Catalog Heaven.

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Once in the game, press the Catalog button and search for a Boombox. Choose any Boombox from the Catalog and equip it to your Avatar. Then press or tap on the Boombox to open a new window. This window is where you can enter the Music ID Code. Once entered, the music should immediately start playing.

Who is Babyxsosa?

Babyxsosa is an underground SoundCloud rapper known for her airy, lo-fi trap sound and high-pitched voice. As a Virginia native, Babyxsosa was supposed to attend college for graphic design, but she wasn’t accepted. As a result, the artist turned to music and broke out with hits like “Everywhere I Go,” and “Throw It.” As an up-and-coming musician, many fans are excited to see where her career goes next.

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