Diablo is a mobile title within the Diablo series and brings many new features. Many of these are from the MMO genre, like completing daily tasks. These are important to complete and can typically be done in short sessions. This may leave you wondering what tasks you should be completing each day in Diablo Immortal.

Things to do daily in Diablo Immortal

Completing these tasks in Diablo Immortal will provide you with many rewards and materials. It will also help you level up faster. Here are our recommendations for daily tasks to complete in Diablo Immortal.

All PvE tasks to do daily

Claim Free Daily Shop Reward

One of the easiest things to do each day is to collect the Free Daily Reward bundle. This is found in the in-game shop and provides various rewards.

Complete First Kill of the Day

Each day, you can kill a single enemy and collect various rewards. Each day will give a different reward, but you should log in and slay one enemy every day to get all rewards.

Check the Hilts Trader’s stock

Each day, the Hilt Trader will have random rare items in limited stock. This resets at 12pm and 8pm each day on your server’s time. Check this to see if there are any valuable gear pieces you need.

Every day, there will be a Featured Activity—make sure to complete this, as it rewards you with double the Battle Points that a normal activity provides.

Fill out the Bestiary

You are able to decipher three pages in the Bestiary each day. Make sure to kill enough monsters to fill it out and collect Battle Points, equipment, and more.

Complete Bounties

These are tasks to kill a certain number of enemies or collect drops. You can complete eight bounties each day, making them a great source for Battle Points, experience, and more.

Check Iben Fahd’s Sanctum

You can find Iben Fahd’s Sanctum within the Legacy of the Horadrim. This lets you open a free chest each day and collect various unlocks and character boosts.

Complete Zone Events

There are scheduled events in each zone you can complete daily. This rewards you with Enchanted Dust and Glowing Shards, which will be crucial for crafting.

All PvP tasks to do daily

Complete Battlegrounds Challenges

You can complete three Battlegrounds Challenges each day. This provides experience, crafting resources, gold, and more. These are only available at specific times each day for two hours.

Complete Cycle of Strife Challenges

You can complete various activities and quests as a Shadow or Immortal. Complete your faction’s challenges each day to receive various rewards.

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