The New War update came out on December 15th and brought with it a massive slew of new content. Included are new weapons, new Warframes, several new mods, new Bounties on Cetus and Fortuna, new customization options for certain features, and the New War quest itself.

Note: This article will contain spoilers for the main storyline of Warframe.

The New War quest

This quest is the conclusion of a plotline that has been built up for a while now. There are a handful of prerequisites that players will need to fulfill in order to take on The New War:

  • The Prelude to War quest will need to be finished.
  • The player must own a Railjack.
  • The platyer must own a Necramech.

Note: The New War is a lengthy quest that takes many hours to complete. We took about five hours to complete The New War while playing poorly and skipping cutscenes. but individual experiences may differ.

New Frames

Image via Digital Extremes

There were two new Warframes added in the New War update: Harrow Prime and Caliban.

Harrow Prime is obtainable via new relics added in the New War update.

Caliban is an entirely new Warframe that is the second Warframe based on the sentients. His blueprint is available in the marketplace while you’ll need to complete Narmer Bounties to obtain the blueprints and some of the materials for his components.

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New Weapons

Image via Digital Extremes

Two new Prime weapons were added, the Knell Prime and the Scourge Prime. Both are iconic weapons of Harrow Prime and will be obtainable by collecting their components via new relics released with the New War update.

There were also a variety of new non-Prime weapons added. These are:

  • The Rumblejack (Melee)
  • The Korumm (Melee)
  • The Nepheri (Melee)
  • The Verdilca (Melee)
  • The Nataruk (Primary)

The Rumblejack and the Nataruk will be obtained automatically by completing The New War, but you’ll need to obtain the blueprints and some of the materials for the other three from Narmer Bounties.

Narmer Bounties

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Narmer Bounties are new bounties that will appear on Cetus and Fortuna after completing The New War. They will appear on Cetus while Cetus is in its day cycle, then on Fortuna while Cetus is in its night cycle.

You can obtain a wide variety of new items through Narmer Bounties, including new mods, new weapon blueprints, the blueprints required to obtain Caliban, and one of the materials required to craft Caliban’s components.

For more detailed information on how to get Caliban, go check out How to get Caliban in Warframe on Pro Game Guides!

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