Outriders will be getting a robust new endgame in the form of the Trial of Tarya Gratar when the Worldslayer expansion drops on June 30, 2022. Let’s dive into what was revealed during the live stream on June 10, 2022.

What is Tarya Gratar?

The Trial of Tarya Gratar is the dedicated endgame that is coming with the Worldslayer expansion. This new zone is heavily tied to the new story coming with Worldslayer and the natives of Enoc, the Pax. This robust new area features changing weather and time, so it won’t feel stagnant anytime soon.

Everyone starts at a base camp that includes vendors, crafting, fast travel, character customization, access to the previous expeditions, and more. Once the trek into Tarya Gratar begins, players will encounter several different areas, including Crossroads, Boss Arenas, and Troves. Crossroads and Boss Arenas are pretty self-explanatory. Crossroads allow players to choose which area they’ll explore next. Boss Arenas are required encounters for progressing further into Tarya Gratar.

What are Troves?

Troves are optional areas in Tarya Gratar. They’re areas that offer targeted Apocalypse gear farming. For example, one Trove may drop Helmets whereas another drops boots. This is convenient for those looking for specific pieces to complete a set.

Are there Twitch Drops?

Yes, there are Twitch Drops. For the first week following the release of Worldslayer, there will be different drops available for each of the four classes that can be earned by watching different streamers.

Are there new enemies in Worldslayer?

Yes, there will be new bosses and enemy types that only appear in Tarya Gratar, in addition to those that appear in the story mode of Worldslayer. Shadowbeasts are beasts that can turn invisible and travel in small packs. They will be hard to spot without paying attention to the environment and using AoE attacks. Their other signature ability is inflicting silence on the player, preventing them from using abilities for a set amount of time. The other new enemy type unveiled was the Beast Lord. Beast Lords utilize the shadowbeasts to hunt down players.

What are the different versions of Worldslayer?

Outriders Worldslayer

  • Includes base game for Outriders and the Worldslayer expansion
  • $79.98

Outriders Worldslayer Upgrade

  • Upgrade for current owners of Outriders. Must be purchased on the same platform as the original Outriders to carry over progress and characters.
  • $39.99

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