Tchia is an upcoming indie game that’s inspired by New Caledonia. The game offers a rich adventure that shows off cultures from New Caledonia and fully animated cutscenes. If you’re looking for another mellow adventure game, then Tchia is set to hit many of those notes.

In Tchia, you control a young girl who has the ability to soul jump, a mechanic that lets you take control of nearby animals. The game is set to have over 30 playable animals that you can use to help solve some of the puzzles in the world.

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Here are some exploration features that are going to be in the game:

  • Free climbing of objects like trees and walls.
  • Using a glider to get across the map.
  • A trick system that lets you show off stylish moves while in the air.
  • Unlocable tools to aid you on your adventure.
  • Diving beneath the ocean.
  • Sailing to different locations using a boat.

You will also have a fully operational ukelele to play, along with a wide range of outfits to decorate your character with and the ability to customize your ship.

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