Hearthstone will host its second Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends event of the year, called Noblegarden, on May 14-15. Noblegarden will invite the top 12 players worldwide and four players from China. Participants compete for a larger share of the $50,000 prize pool.

The prizes are as follows:

  • First Place – $10,000
  • Second Place – $7,500
  • Third Place – $6,000
  • Fourth Place – $5,000
  • Fifth Place – $4,000
  • Sixth Place – $3,000
  • Seventh Place – $2,500
  • Eighth Place – $2,000
  • Ninth-Sixteenth Place – $1,250

The first Lobby, Raid Leaders, will still take place on April 2-3 with the same prizes as the Noblegarden Lobby. For official rules, consult the Lobby Legends rulebook.

Competitors can stream their matches during each Lobby Legends event, but non-competitors can also apply to stream. Please fill out this survey before March 21 to co-stream Raid Leaders and before May 2 to co-stream Noblegarden.

To be invited, the top 16 Ladder competitors from the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe will be invited to a 48-player qualifying tournament on April 30. From there, 16 Winners will be invited to Noblegarden.

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