Tavish Stormpike was introduced in Hearthstone as a boss minion hunter used by Xyrella in the Book of Mercenaries. In a recent update, Blizzard-Activision announced that Tavish would have his own questline in the Book of Mercenaries.

The Tavish questline in the Book of Mercenaries will be available on Feb. 1, 2022. It is a linear adventure where players must defeat eight bosses. Players will be rewarded with one Hunter pack containing Standard Hunter cards.

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Tavish goes to Alterac Valley to help his cousin Vanndar, and the adventure begins there. Vanndar is described as being overbearing and stuck-up, but he offers Tavish an opportunity to earn a lot of loot. They must stop a mysterious ritual started by the troll Kazakus.

Kazakus aims to rebuild the shattered naaru and harness its energy. Tavish and Vanndar must defeat Frostwolves, Horde mercenaries, angry Troggs, and Tavish’s own family in order to stop Kazakus.

Tavish has been moving into the spotlight since the end of the Battle of Alterac Valley. Tavish will also appear in a Tavern Brawl where players can choose between him and Rokara. The character will battle alongside other mercenaries and have dialogue that reveals more of Tavish’s backstory.

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