FPS fans are always looking for the next big thing, and they might not have to wait much longer, as Tom Clancy’s The Division: Heartland is set to release during the financial year 2022/2023. The latest installment in The Division and Tom Clancy franchise sees the shooter tilt to a different format. 

As initially reported in a report by Tom Henderson on Xfire, it seems like Tom Clancy’s Division: Heartland is set to be an open-world persistent shooter in the same vein as Escape from Tarkov. This is great news for fans of survival shooters, who will likely be spoiled for choice in the coming months.

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Division: Heartland Silver Creek

Combining player vs player vs environment (PvPvE) and player vs environment (PvE) play, The Division: Heartland will reportedly have two modes: The PvPvE mode Storm and the purely PvE mode Excursion. Both of these will be based on the main map of the game, Silver Creek.

The gameplay experience of The Division: Heartland will see you deploy either alone or with friends into Silver Creek to search for weapons, supplies, and materials to upgrade your BoO (Base of Operations). Again, very like Escape from Tarkov from early descriptions. These features are common across Storm and Excursion, but for the best loot, you’re going to have to face players in PvP on Storm.

What is the Base of Operations (BoO) in Division: Heartland?

The Base of Operations or BoO is your home base and stash. Beyond just a matchmaking lobby and place to store your loot, it’s reported to have an Arcade where you can play classic Ubisoft games such as For Honor and Driver. 

From your BoO, you’ll also be able to prepare your loadout and add special buffs called Prep Items. The Prep Items’ effects are currently unknown but will likely increase the loot drop rates.

Loot and Characters in The Division: Heartland

Speaking of loot, it will follow a similar system to The Division, with different colors denoting rarity. The colors begin with Gray and go to Green, Blue, Purple, and even Gold for the rarest. Higher rarity loot will do more damage or act as better protection.

There will also be at least six different classes available to choose in The Division: Heartland. These include Weapon Expert, Medic, Survivalist.

Overall, the formula seems to combine the Rainbow Six Siege elements with The Division and Tarkov. It sounds like an incredibly interesting combination and is expected to be released by the fourth quarter 2022/2023. The Division: Heartland is also reported to be free-to-play.

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