Apex Legends is scheduled to release an Arenas map and the Monsters Within event. The map, titled “Encore,” is supposed to be located on a whole new planet. Specifically, the Season 10 legend Seer’s home planet of Boreas. Seer’s home planet appears to be mostly a desert environment based on leaked screenshots and Seer’s story videos.

The Encore map looks like it could be a fairly large Arenas map, roughly resembling the layout of the Party Crashers map. Much like Party Crashers, the Encore map is broken into three “lanes” with different tactical advantages to each.

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The middle part of the Encore map features palm trees planted in raised platforms, which provide most of the cover. One side of the Encore map features a bright stage-like area with large speakers and many structures for cover. The other side of the Encore map looks like a building with large objects on the roof for cover as well.

Overall, the map appears pretty balanced in terms of positioning and ring control. There does not appear to be any high ground spots that you can camp in or spots that provide a view of the entire map. Players may notice that there are many open areas on the map and areas with a lot of cover. This could make for some interesting dynamic skirmishes between teams and a fresh location for Arenas players.

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