Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies hasn’t received much appreciation when compared to its predecessor. Although the game’s initial phase has failed to impress players, the developers are trying to turn this around. Zombies is about to receive the first seasonal content.

From new weapons to objectives, here’s everything new coming to Vanguard Zombies in Season One.

Objective – A brand new objective, Purge, will be added to the roster. Your mission will be to capture the Control Runes to stop the Augmentors.

Covenant – Five new Covenants—Brimstone, Deadshot, Dead Wire, Scrapper, and Swift Vengeance—which together add a total of 14 upgrades.

Weapons – Launchers can now be equipped in Vanguard Der Anfang. Furthermore, five new weapons will be added to Multiplayer and Zombies in Season One. These include—Cooper Carbine AR, Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle, Sawtooth Melee, Katana Melee, and Welgun SMG.

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Challenges – New set of Career Challenges with XP and Calling Card as rewards. Complete 20 Season Challenges for even more rewards.

More Features – The following content will be added to Zombies in Jan. 2022:

  • The Tome of Rituals – Utilize the Tome of Rituals to grow your Artifacts’ power for greater Dark Aether abilities.
  • Support Killstreaks – Warmachine and Deathmachine can be built at the Crafting Table. These will also spawn inside the Mystery Box.
  • Von List’s Office – A new location that will unfold the Der Anfang storyline of Zombies.
  • Mystery Box weapon updates, server pause function, new holiday themed Stalingrad, and more.

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