The Sims 4 has made a groundbreaking announcement; they will be going back and fine-tuning the Spa Day game pack. This is new territory for simmers, who have yet to see EA refine a previously released DLC. So what is included in this reboot? Read below to see!

All New Features for Spa Day Pack

There are many new aspects of this refreshed pack to explore! New features range from careers to cosmetic enhancements.

New Trait & Aspiration

There is a new trait for sims that really facilitates a need for the spa. The High Maintenance trait will make it to where your sims need a spa day or a wellness activity to relieve stress. There’s also the new Inner Peace aspiration, which will task your sim with looking for forms of internal harmony through the Wellness skill.


It was announced that in the reboot of this pack, children will now be able to partake in Spa activities! In the original pack, kids were sadly left out of the equation. Now, the entire family can enjoy the spa! This includes things like yoga, meditation, face masks, and more!

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For many that primarily enjoy the CAS (Create-a-Sim) aspects of playing Sims 4, this is a big one. Artificial nails and nail polish are now available for sims! There seems to be a wide array of options for all sims, regardless of gender expression. Knowing Sims 4, this is just the beginning. New nail designs can likely be expected in future updates.

New Activities & Career

The old Spa Day pack fell short for some because many of the activities, such as yoga and massages, felt a bit one-dimensional and incomplete. Now, your sims can be fully pampered with relaxing activities like pedicures and manicures! Sims will also be happy to have a new career path in the wellness industry. This will allow sims to achieve positions such as Self-Care Specialist and Zen Guru.

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