Moonbreaker is now available in early access, allowing players to enjoy the digital tabletop experience before a full 1.0 release. Alongside this early access, Unknown Worlds Entertainment has released a Founder’s Pack. This may leave you wondering what is in the Moonbreaker Founder’s Pack and if it is worth it.

What is in the Founder’s Pack for Moonbreaker?

The Founder’s Pack is an early access exclusive pack that provides a handful of bonuses and rewards. Here is everything you get in the Moonbreaker Founder’s Pack.

  • 1x Early Access Exclusive Astra Alternate Skin
  • 3x sets of 5 paints each - Captain Astra, Cinder, and Produce Pals  
  • 170x Pulsars  
  • 1,000x Blanks

Should I buy the Founder’s Pack in Moonbreaker?

We do not believe the Founder’s Pack is worth purchasing. The only rewards that will give you an edge in gameplay are the Pulsars and Blanks, while the rest are just cosmetic and have no effect on the game. The Pulsars given are not worth the $24.99, and you can earn Blanks simply by playing the game.

If you decide to purchase the Founder’s Pack for Moonbreaker, make sure you do so while it is in the early access period. Once Moonbreaker hits full release, the Founder’s Pack will no longer be available. This will make the Astra Skin in the pack a unique skin that can only be obtained by early access players.

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