Rogue Company Season Four comes with massive fresh content for the multiplayer shooter game. In the latest update, players get to experience a new character, a limited time game mode, exclusive cosmetics, bug fixes, and other balancing changes.

Here’s a list of everything included in the Rogue Company Umbra update.

New Rogue – Umbra

  • Loadout
    • Weapons: DMRs and SMGs
    • Starting Weapons: Bishop and LMP-X
    • Secondary: Executioner
    • Melee: Combat Knife
    • Gadget: Bounce Grenade and Smoke Grenade
  • Abilities
    • a-RC-nid: A controllable drone that can be used to reveal enemies and deal damage by explosion.
    • Siphon: Regen to maximum health after a down, elimination, or assist on an enemy.
  • Perks include—Berserker, Hunter, Padded Steps, Stalker, Replenish, and Life Drain.

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Battle Zone – This is the new limited-time game mode in which two teams compete to be the last squad standing. On the map, players can find a new shop and weapon crates at various locations. Moreover, there is no health regeneration in this mode which changes the dynamic of the matches.

Winter Bash – A new event to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Rogue Company. The following cosmetics such as outfits, avatars, banners, and emotes can be unlocked via Rogue Bucks or completing contracts:

  • Shop Bundles: Unlocked by purchasing
    • Snow Patrol Scorch
    • Mistletoe Vy
    • Doctor Frosty Saint: Unlock it for free by purchasing the above two bundles.
  • Contract Bundles
    • Contract 1: Gunner Gumdrops Avatar and Sharp Chills Border
    • Contract 2: Slay Bells Animated Banner and Holly Jolly Napalm
    • Contract 3: Santa Strut Emote and Dr. Frosty Title

In addition to these, several other fixes and quality of life changes have been made to UI, perks, gadgets, Rogues, weapons, and maps. You can find more about them in the detailed Season Four Umbra update patch notes for the game.

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