The first update of the five years of pre-release content has arrived for Dying Light 2 with Update 1.4.0. Update 1.4.0 adds a new chapter system with players assisting an old Nightrunner called Harper. Players will assist Harper by completing new daily and weekly bounties as part of the new chapter system. But bounties are not the only thing added with Update 1.4.0. A new photomode was also added to Dying Light 2, allowing users to take new screenshots with exciting filters. Overall, there is a lot to unpack about Dying Light 2’s latest update, so here is everything added with Update 1.4.0:

Dying Light 2’s Photomode Explained

Dying Light 2’s new Photomode adds exciting options for players to use when capturing screenshots. If you are unsure how to use Photomode in Dying Light 2, it is relatively simple. In short, you can access the new photomode via the Pause menu. At the Pause menu, players can find Photomode under the Online menu option and enable Photomode by clicking on the Photomode button. Once in Photomode, players can move the camera around and add various filters. Here’s everything players can do with Dying Light 2’s Photomode:

All features included in Dying Light 2’s Photomode

  • Camera options: Dying Light’s Camera options include settings that affect the following:
    • Aperture
    • Focus Distance
    • Zoom 
    • Roll
  • Color options: Dying Light 2’s Photomode allows users to add and change the color settings of their screenshots. The filters and color options players can change include the following:
    • Filter Intensity
    • Temperature
    • Exposure
    • Saturation
    • Contrast
    • Vignette
  • Filters: Players have the following choices for Filters:
    • Black and White Hard/Soft
    • Cool
    • Harran
    • Dramatic
    • Vivid
    • Warm
  • Player Visibility: This option makes it so player models appear or don’t appear in screenshots.
  • Additional FX: The Additional FX options add borders to the top and bottom of screenshots.
    • Border: The Border option includes the following options:
      • Collodion
      • Movie Reel
      • Old Instant Film
      • Projector Slide
    • Letterboxing: Adds a simple black box to the top and bottom of screenshots.

What are chapters in Dying Light 2?

Chapters are new content added to Dying Light 2 that includes a new NPC called Harper who is a former Nightrunner. Players can accept new bounties from Harper that will task players with hunting down various special infected. Killing special mutant infected will earn players two types of currency. The first one is Harper Tokens which can be used to purchase special equipment from Harper. The other one is Mutation Samples, which can be used to purchase Chapter Mission tickets which unlock timed trials where players’ stealth, parkour, and combat skills are tested to the limit. But to use Chapter Mission Tickets, players will need to raise their Chapter Rank. Players can raise their Chapter Rank by completing bounties and earning Harper Tokens.

What are Weekly and Daily Bounties in Dying Light 2

Daily and weekly bounties are special missions that can be accepted by the new NPC Harper in Dying Light 2. Both bounties will task players with various tasks with the major difference being one will rest daily and the other weekly. Only 3 daily bounties and 1 weekly bounty can be accepted at a time as well. Daily bounties tend to task players with killing certain Infected such as Howlers or Bolters or killing Infected in certain ways. Some daily bounties can even be completed by just completing other daily bounties. However weekly bounties are more advanced than daily bounties and come in three forms. The first weekly bounty requires players to simply hunt Special Infected at night to earn Mutation Samples. For the other two weekly bounties, players will need to do the following:

  • Weekly Bounty 2: Players will first need to raise their Chapter rank to rank four. After reaching rank four, players can complete the second weekly bounty by destroying Volatile Hives. Players can find Volatile Hives inside both completed GRE Quarantines and Dark Hollows.
  • Weekly Bounty 3: To complete the third weekly bounty, players will need to first raise their Chapter rank to eight. After doing so, the third weekly bounty can be completed by defeating Volatile Tyrants. Players can find a Volatile Tyrant in Harper’s Elite Mission.
Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Where to find Harper in Dying Light 2

To complete Weekly and Daily Bounties, players will need to locate Harper in Dying Light 2. Harper can be found at the Fish Eye Canteen in the Central Loop district. On the top floor, players can find Harper leaning against a wall, speaking to Harper will allow players to accept several daily and one weekly bounty. Currently, players can only have 3 daily bounties and one weekly bounty active.

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