Star Wars: Hunters is an upcoming competitive multiplayer game set in the Star Wars universe. It will release for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch with a window of 2022. The game features a diverse roster of characters taken from many different aspects of the Star Wars Universe.

A new gameplay trailer has been released which showcases the characters and some of their abilities. Each character is divided into different classes based on their abilities and playstyles. You can find both that trailer below and a list of all characters revealed so far.

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  • Aran Tal – A Mandalorian warrior who will serve out fiery justice.
  • Imara Vex – A bounty hunter with a blaster and shoulder-mounted missile launcher.
  • J-3D1 – A droid programmed to believe he is a Jedi.
  • Rieve – A shrewd Jedi who has turned to the Dark Side.
  • Sentinel – A remnant soldier of the Empire unwilling to accept defeat.
  • Utooni – A pair of Jawa scrapers with an arsenal of firepower.


  • Zaina – An Alliance hero and member of the New Republic.


  • Grozz – A Wookie warrior wielding a pair of blunt weapons.
  • Slingshot – A thrill-seeker utilizing a Droideka as a vehicle and weapon.

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