Halo Infinite features a vast arsenal of weapons for the player to use. Many of these are returning weapons from previous Halo games, while others are brand new. However, there are also some hidden weapons that players cannot normally access.

These are hidden alternate or variant weapons. These are based on an existing weapon but have a different name and alternate color. You can tell these weapons by the default white skin they have. Here are all alternate/variant weapons and how to get them in Halo Infinite.

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How to get Alternate/Variant Weapons in Halo Infinite

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You will have to go to custom games to get and use these weapons. There are a few settings you will need to tweak. First, set your game mode to Fiesta: Slayer. Once you have done that, you will need to turn on the settings below.

  • Weapon Racks/Placements.
  • Power Weapon Pads.
  • Weapon Pickup.

After this, simply head into the game and search weapon racks for these alternate/variant weapons. If you cannot find any, exit the game and enter a new one until they spawn.

All Alternate/Variant Weapons in Halo Infinite

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  • Arcane Sentinel Beam.
  • Backdraft Cindershot.
  • BR75 Breacher.
  • Calcine Disruptor.
  • Convergence Bulldog.
  • Heatwave.
  • Impact Commando.
  • MA40 Longshot.
  • M41 Tracker.
  • Pinpoint Needler.
  • Purging Shock Rifle.
  • Pursuit Hydra.
  • Rapidfire Pulse Carbine
  • Ravager Rebound.
  • Riven Mangler.
  • Stalker Rifle Ultra
  • Striker Sidekick.
  • S7 Flexfire Sniper.
  • Unbound Plasma Pistol.
  • Volatile Skewer.

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