Bugsnax is a game about catching strange creatures that are made up of food. The game, while not difficult, challenges players to find a way to capture each creature, and now you can even decorate them with hats. If you have ever wanted to make your Bugsnax a little more fashionable, then now is the time.

How to get hats

Hats will take a while to get and will be worn by Bugsnax in the wild. To get the hat, you much capture the Snack. To see where new hats are, go to Gramble’s Ranch. Here you will find the hats you have collected, as well as a board showing where the newest one is going to appear.

You may need to pass the time in between each new hat’s appearance, so be sure to make use of a bed to fast forward the in-game time.

All Hats in Bugsnax

While hats are still being collected, you can find a list below of every hat that is confirmed to be in the game.

  • Bucket Hat
  • Chandlo’s Cap
  • Chandlo’s Cap White
  • Chef’s Hat
  • Clumby’s Hat Royal Crown
  • Eggabell’s Hat
  • Graduation Cap
  • Jester Hat
  • Lizbert’s Hat
  • Party Hat
  • Pirate Hat
  • Propeller Hat
  • Sauce Guzzler
  • Shelda’s Crown
  • Skull Hat
  • Snorpy’s Cap
  • Stacked Hats
  • Strabby Hat
  • Straw Hat
  • Top Hat
  • Wambus’s Hat

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