Twisted Wonderland is nothing short of charming with how it portrays famous Disney franchises. With so many character’s though, it can be pretty hard to keep up with everyone and how old they are. If you are like many players, you’re probably wondering just how old the villains are.

The villains in Disney Twisted Wonderland are all attending college, but many of them are of different ages. There are also some instructors thrown into the mix that are much older than the core cast.

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Here is the age of every Disney Twisted Wonderland character:

Idia Shroud18
Ortho Shroud16
Cater Diamond18
Riddle Roseheart17
Trey Clover18
Deuce Spade16
Ace Trappola16
Leona Kingscholar20
Jack Howl16
Ruggie Bucchi17
Azul Ashengrotto17
Jade Leech17
Floyd Leech17
Kalim Al-Asim17
Jamil Viper17
Vil Schoenheit18
Epel Felmier16
Rook Hunt18
Malleus Draconia18 – 20
Sebek Zigvolt16
Lilia Vanrouge18 – 20
Che’nya18 – 20
Dire CrowleyUnknown
Divus Crewel32
Ashton Vargas30
Mozus Trein58

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