Era of Althea is a great fantasy-based RPG game on Roblox where you can become a mighty wizard, learning new abilities and venturing around the open world battling the darkness that threatens it. You are given random traits and races as you begin, and must do the best with what you have––or attempt to reroll for better ones. So what races should you be trying to get for the best gameplay? Take a look at what we believe is the tier list from best to worst.

What is the best race in Era of Althea?

The best race in Era of Althea is the Elf due to its high magic stat, higher than any other race. It also has equally has high snap stats, making it the best overall race when it comes to casting spells. Although it lacks in the physical strength aspect which some other races are better, it still remains a rank above the rest.

Best Race Tier List for Era of Althea


These are what we believe are the races from best to worst, focusing solely on magic ability and then the numbers of all skills. While some races have higher or more balanced stats in different aspects than the Elf does, such as physical strength and cleverness, magic is one of the most important skills when it comes to battling and power in the game.

What are races for in Era of Althea?

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Races are what give your character certain attributes and skills during the game. Some races are built physically stronger and others more clever. They will allow your character to thrive in different aspects of life during their adventure. Each one has stats that play into: physical strength, magic amount, snap control, and cleverness. You can check out your stats by pressing M to open your menus and view the charts on the left side. This is also where all your attributes will be listed such as what your race, trait, and snap are currently. You can attempt to reroll any of these by pressing the icon with the dollar sign and arrows circling it.

All races in Era of Althea can be useful in different aspects of the game, due to them each having various strengths and weaknesses. However, if you don’t get the one you want right away, keep trying to reroll until you do. You are sure to become a powerful wizard in no time!

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