Whether you are slinging spells or wielding steel, you are going to want to know the full list of perks in Elder Scrolls: Blades! Perks are things that are passively enabled to boost your damage, defenses, resistances, and can even upgrade your inventory size.

Warrior and Mages alike will want to focus on upgrading their perks when possible. You can upgrade your spell damage as a Mage, or get more damage out of whatever weapon you are swinging. Perks use the same skill points that you will use to unlock spells and abilities.

Blades Perks List

Stats are based upon the first level of the perk, the stats will change when upgraded. There’s kind of two sides of the tree with perks, the left side is more magic oriented and the right side is more for players looking to upgrade their damage with weapons. Down the middle is a little more varied, you can upgrade your inventory and your blacksmith’s ability to temper.

Elemental Protection (1 Skill Point)

+33 Block Rating against elemental damage while blocking with a shield.

Armsman (1 Skill Point)

+4 Damage with versatile weapons (longswords, war axes, and maces).

Augmented Flames (Requires Level 5, 1 Skill Point)

Increases fire damage by 6.

Scout (Requires Level 4, 1 Skill Point)

+4 Damage with light weapons (daggers, hand axes, and light hammers).

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Load Bearer (Requires Level 6, 2 Skill Points)

Increases inventory size by 10.

Barbarian (Requires Level 5, 1 Skill Point)

+7 Damage with heavy weapons (greatswords, battleaxes, and warhammers).

Willpower (Requires Level 8, 2 Skill Points)

Recover up to 50 points of the Magicka spent on an interrupted spell.

Combat Focus (Requires Level 7, 2 Skill Points)

+7 Resistance to all damage while using an ability.

Matching Set (Requires Level 14, 3 Skill Points)

+58 Armor Rating while wearing a matched set of armor (armor, helmet, gauntlets, and boots).

Advanced Tempering (Requires Level 10, 2 Skill Points)

Increases the Smithy’s maximum tempering level by 2, up to level 6.

Augmented Frost (Requires Level 16, 4 Skill Points)

Increases frost damage by 8.

Augmented Poison (Requires Level 15, 3 Skill Points)

Increases poison damage by 9.

Enchantment Synergy (Requires Level 27, 6 Skill Points)

Stacked enchantments are 5% more effective.

Augmented Shock (Requires Level 24, 5 Skill Points)

Increases shock damage by 11.

Healing Surge (Requires Level 23, 5 Skill Points)

Increases Health regeneration while Stamina is high, by up to 9 per second.

Maximum Power (Requires Level 35, 10 Skill Points)

Spells are 10% more effective when cast while Magicka is full.

Mettle (Requires Level 35, 10 Skill Points)

Abilities are 10% more effective Health is critical.

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