Our guide on how best to get resources and materials in Elder Scrolls: Blades features all the information you’ll need on grinding out these items that help build up your town! Resources can be problematic because you need quite a few to build up different buildings. We’ll be looking at some strategies that should help alleviate some of the issue.

If you’ve just start playing Blades then you no doubt have run into an issue with lacking resources like Copper, Wood, and Limestone. Well, it’s not going to be easy, but there are some ways you can grind these resources a bit better.


This is the current best way to grind resources, you can get up to two Wooden Chests per Job! Make sure to follow the steps in the “Chest Management” section.

Jobs are small little side quests you can complete that have you killing skeletons, rescuing townfolk, exploring ruins, and various other tasks. If you scroll through some of these you can tap on them and see what kind of rewards they will give you for completion. Look for the resource you are wanting (likely Copper in the early game), and then complete whichever job gives them as a reward.

One of the issues with jobs is that they can stack up your inventory with Silver Chests when you complete them. If you don’t have a large chest inventory (you should upgrade it with gems, it’s pretty cheap initially), these can stack up quite quickly. Silver Chests require a few hours to unlock, so once you get a surplus of them they are hard to whittle down.

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Chest Management

One of the bigger issues is dealing with chests, especially if you start getting too many Silver Chests. One of the better ways to get resources is to grind out Wooden Chests. So, the way to make sure you don’t accidentally max out your chests is to… Max out your chests. Yes, you read that correctly. Max them out, but you want to make sure you max out your chests WITH some Wooden Chests in your inventory. That way, you can go do a job and when you find a chest in the area, you can open one of your Wooden Chests and then collect that chest. This also means once you complete the job, you won’t get saddled with another Silver Chest.

When you aren’t going to play the game for a bit, make sure to start on unlocking a Silver Chest. When you go to bed at night, that’s when you should start on a higher rarity chest.


The Abyss can be a good area to look to farm up Wooden Chests. These chests are some of the best givers of resources, so you’ll want to grab as many as you can. They also open up very quickly, so you won’t have them taking up a ton of space in your chest inventory. According to a post on Reddit, you can play floor 13 over and over again for a Wooden Chest. While you won’t always get the resource you want, this is another reliable way to get chests.

Purchase from a Workshop

You’ll need to get your town to level 3 to place this building, but once you get it you will be able to purchase resources with gold from it. Items that appear in the workshop look to be random and refresh daily, so you will also have to get lucky with what ends up in the shop. Be sure to purchase all the resources you can each day because gold is a lot easier to find then any of materials.

Spend Money

Sadly, the fastest way to get resources is going to be spending real life money. The chests you can buy with gems come with guaranteed stacks of materials, unfortunately the materials you get are random, and you can get unlucky and only get one resource. Each chest rarity has the possibility to give you 1 – 5 stacks of materials.

There’s also a special offer you’ll get access to once you level up a bit, and it’s called the Hero Pack. This pack comes with a ton of stuff for a pretty reasonable $4.99 USD. You get a guaranteed 500 Lumber, 500 Limestone, and 200 Copper. This pack also comes with some other stuff, but we only really care about resources at the moment.

The other thing you should use your gems on is the Imperial Shipment Offers that start coming available at town level 3. Each level after that you should get another available, these have a TON of materials and are one of the absolute best things you can purchase with gems.

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