Our Elder Scrolls: Blades Best Race & Skills Guides will walk you through some of the best choices you can make to start out your character! It can be hard decide when it comes to skills and different options in RPGs, but we’re here to help you make those decisions.

Some of these choices are a bit on the subjective side, if you have a particular way you want to play then not every recommendation will suit your needs. However, we’re looking at this in a general way, trying to pick out the best overall race, skills, and abilities. We hope this guide will help you make the best decisions.

Elder Scrolls: Blades Best Race

Right now it’s pretty difficult to recover health in Elder Scrolls: Blades without having to resort to healing potions. Healing potions are also pretty resource intensive to craft, so you’ll only want to use them in dire circumstances. That’s why races that have bonuses to healing are likely going to be the best choice to make when it comes to a race.


Imperial has two strong perks: +5% Health Restored from Healing Effects, and +5% damage with Longswords, War Axes, and Maces. You get a buff to your healing effects, things such as abilities, potions, and healing items you find around quests and jobs. You also get a buff to damage if you plan on using any of those weapon types. Imperial is generally viewed as one of the better options when choosing a race.


Breton also has two strong perks: +10% Spell Resistance and +5% Damage with Longswords, War Axes, and Maces. These don’t help with healing, but the buff to spell resistance will be really strong in the later parts of the game. It won’t be apparent early on, but spells from enemies end up doing quite a bit of damage and you’ll be glad you have the resistance.


Argonian gives you 5% health regeneration which is a pretty nice perk, and if you wanted to use lighter weapons then the +5% Damage with Daggers, Hand Axes, and Light Hammers will be a nice bonus.

Changing Race

If you aren’t happy with your decision you can locate Theordor Gorlash in your town. Talk to him and he will allow you to change your race, character look, and sexy for the price of 50 Gems! I don’t think you’ll get a huge advantage by having one of the above races, but if you want to max out your potential then it might be worth it.

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Elder Scrolls: Blades Best Perks, Abilities, & Skills

It’s a bit too early to be looking too deeply at builds, the game takes a while to level up in and it’s not the easiest thing to experiment with. We do, however, know a few spells, skills, and perks that will help you early on in the game.

Absorb – Spell

A magical sigil appears instantly. It negates up to 31 damage directed at the caster and converts 100% of it into healing.

This is one of your first spell options and is good to cast in just about every fight. It’s a small way to gain some health back, but it also protects you from damage as well. It’s a very fast spell, so you can get away with casting it pretty quick into the fight. You can also opt to get a high block parry and then cast it safely.

Elemental Protection – Perk

+33 Block Rating against elemental damage while blocking with a shield.

You don’t need this in the beginning of the game, I would wait to level it up until you start running into spell casters. However, once you do you’ll want to level this one up if you are using a shield (which seems pretty mandatory). Spells do a lot of damage, so be sure to consider this one once you’ve gotten deeper into the game.

Armsman, Scouts, or Barbarian

Armsman: +4 Damage with versatile weapons (longswords, war axes, and maces).

Scout: +4 Damage with light weapons (daggers, hand axes, and light hammers).

Barbarian: +7 Damage with heavy weapons (greatswords, battleaxes, and warhammers).

Each of these are basically the same, but it depends on which weapon you plan on using the majority of the time. Once you have a good idea, then go ahead and level up whichever one you’ve decided on.

Adrenaline Dodge

This Dodging Strike evades up to 76 damage and restores up to 97 Health. The closer the fighter is to getting hit, the greater the healing.

Probably one of the more important options you can pick once you get it. You use this when your enemy is about to swing at you, and you will evade damage and restore health to your character. This is one of the major ways to gain health, too bad it unlocks at rank 10!

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