Our Elder Scrolls: Blades Abyss Guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this part of the game! Abyss is the endless dungeon mode of Blades, if you are looking to test your mettle against the hardest bad guys in the game, this is the place where you’ll eventually run into them.

The Abyss is a great zone for earning some pretty good loot, and testing out how tough your character has gotten after completing some quests. This is likely not the greatest way to getting resources, but you can get some pretty good chests and items if your luck holds out. This mode is not as forgiving as jobs or quests, there’s no healing items to be found scattered around, so if you get far you might need to pop a health potion or two.

What is Abyss?

Abyss is a mode where you can fight your way through a dungeon that never ends. The further you go, the bigger the rewards! However, this will not be easy because the enemies get harder and harder the deeper your make your way down into the Abyss. The Abyss is unlocked by getting your character to level three.

Enter an endless dungeon and see how far you can make it. The deeper you go, the greater the rewards.


As you make your way through the dungeon you will eventually come to some stairs that take you down to the next floor. You are given some gold and experience for each floor you make it to. Enemies get harder and will deal more damage the further you make it into the dungeon. Each floor appears to be random in terms of the enemies you will fight on them. After about floor 8, you will start to get a multiplier that will increase the XP and Gold you earn per floor you complete.

If you die or stop your run, you can go back to floors you’ve previously been to.

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Loot: Corner Reward, Enemies

You’ll notice on the top right of your screen that there’s a piece of loot with a progress bar around it. You need to kill enemies to fill up this progress bar and obtain the loot. Once you’ve done that, a new piece of randomized loot will take its place.

Killing enemies will not grant you any XP, but you do get a small bit of gold for each one you kill. You mainly want to kill enemies to gain that corner reward.

There appears to be no loot scattered around the floors, so it’s not worth exploring any of the levels.


If you are killed your run is over, but you can use a Scroll of Revival to bring you back to life and continue your run. You can also pay with Gems if you don’t have a Scroll. Don’t worry if you got far and don’t want to lose your progress, you can enter back into the Abyss based on the last floor you completed. You can also play some of the previous floors if you want to have an easier experience.

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure all your weaponry is repaired and ready to go, you don’t want to have broken items going into the dungeons.
  • If you have the spell Absorb, make sure to use it just about during every fight. Your Magicka recharges fast, and this is one way to keep your health up without having to drink potions.
  • You don’t gain the XP you earned from the Abyss until your run is over, that means you won’t be leveling up as you play this mode.
  • You can switch weaponry and swap out spells and abilities while in the Abyss. You are not locked into a build or item set.
  • When you are fighting tougher enemies, you can’t afford to block for too long because they will deal damage through your shield. Make sure to be getting as many attacks in as possible, and using your abilities every fight.

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