The Beast Eye is a key item in Elden Ring that can be acquired from Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman located in the Bestial Sanctum. The Beast Eye is given to you after giving Gurranq a Deathroot for the first time. The Beast Eye cannot be used or equipped, so what does the Beast Eye do?

The Beast Eye is a passive item that can detect Deathroot nearby. When entering a dungeon with Deathroot in it, the Beast Eye will start trembling and notify you with an on-screen message. Deathroot is rare to come by, so the Beast Eye can be very useful to explore with.

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How to get the Beast Eye

Getting the Beast Eye is a little bit of a process but is a good questline to take on. First, you must meet D, who can be found outside of the Summonwater Village in Northeast Limgrave. The next step requires you to find some Deathroot, which can be found by defeating the Mariner boss in Summonwater or can be found in the Deathtouched Catacombs.

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D can be talked to in the Roundtable Hold and will tell you to meet his friend Gurranq. He will mark a location to send you to Gurranq. Take the portal, talk to Gurranq, and give him the Deathroot. He will reward you with the Beast Eye and ask you to bring him more Deathroot.

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