After defeating demi-gods in Elden Ring, players will get a key item known as the Remembrance. You can use this item at the Roundtable Hold, and it allows you to purchase the boss’s armaments. The Remembrance of the Starscourge is one of these items, and players will acquire it after defeating General Radahn.

General Radahn is located at Redmane Castle and is one of the strongest demi-gods in the game. After defeating him, players can use The Remembrance of the Starscourge in the following ways:

  • Purchase the Starscourge Greatsword (10000 Runes)
  • Purchase the Lion Greatbow (10000 Runes)
  • Sell it for 20000 Runes

Players can visit Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold to purchase one item from Remembrance of the Starscourge. However, if you want to purchase both boss weapons, then visit one of the Walking Mausoleums in the game to restore Radahn’s Remembrance. 

You can also purchase the following from Finger Reader Enia without using the Remembrance:

  • Radahn’s Spear (800 Runes)
  • Radahn’s Redmane Helm (8000 Runes)
  • Radahn’s Lion Armor (12000 Runes)
  • Radahn’s Gauntlets (8000 Runes)
  • Radahn’s Greaves (8000 Runes)

The Lion Greatbow’s unique skill Radahn’s Rain allows players to rain arrows on enemies from a distance. Players can use this weapon along with Radahn’s Spear. Similarly, the Starscourge Greatsword is one of the best melee weapons in-game.

Its unique skill Starcaller Cry deals gravitational damage by pulling the enemy in. You can follow up this attack with a powerful slam to bring both gravity-infused swords down. This weapon is perfect for players running a Strength build. 

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