The event-exclusive Golden Apple Archipelago is open to explore until Genshin Impact‘s 1.6 update run comes to an end around July 21, 2021. Although all kinds of minigames and activities will be released over the span of the next couple of weeks, you can start collecting conch shells for the Echoing Tales questline immediately. So what are you waiting for?

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Act II of Midsummer Island Adventure, Summer Vacation: Proceed with Caution unlocks new areas and lots of new Echoing Conches to find. Get ready to sail all over the Golden Apple Archipelago!

1. “Homeland,” Central Island

The conch is hidden behind some plants on the outermost southwestern edge of this new island.

2. “Stoic Bloom,” Central Island

3. “Wisdom of the Ancients,” Twinning Isle (upper island)

The conch is inside of the shell-shaped hut.

4. “Clan of Song, Scattered,” Twinning Isle (upper island)

5. “Moon and Wind,” Twinning Isle (upper island)

Teleport to the Waypoint on Twinning Isle and hop down to the level beneath you. Keep an eye out for the ledge with a bird’s nest and vines growing up the side, and you’ll see an opening in the mountains leading downward. Drop down here and destroy the rocks in your path to find the conch, along with a journal (unlocks the A Trip Through Fog and Wind quest).

6. “Incoming Tide,” Twinning Isle (lower island)

Climb up the vines on the side of the mountain to a small ledge containing this conch.

7. “Two Paths Through the Lonely Forest,” Twinning Isle (east of lower island)

8. “Five Mountains Hide the Little Village,” Twinning Isle (even further east)

9. “Where Duty Lies,” Twinning Isle (western island)

10. “Sudden Attack,” Twinning Isle (western island)

11. “The Inverted Ruins,” Minacious Isle

12. “Nowhere to Run,” Minacious Isle

13. “The Outside World,” Minacious Isle

14. “Tidewatch Sentries,” Broken Isle

15. “Mysterious Savior,” bridge island (northwest of central island)

16. “A Father’s Thoughts,” bridge island

17. “Pro-Exit Persuasion,” small island east of Pudding Isle

18. “Professional Attempt, east of small island by Pudding Isle

19. “The Trapped,” north of Pudding Isle

20. “Sail and Escape,” rocks far northeast of Twinning Isle

21. “Stone and Phantom,” rocks far northwest of the bridge islands

22. “Fog and Exit,” rocks far southwest of Broken Isle

Destroy the rocks inside the cavern to find this last conch.

If you’ve collected all the conches from days one and two, you should now be able to redeem them for Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle outfit!

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