The event-exclusive Golden Apple Archipelago is open to explore until Genshin Impact‘s 1.6 update run comes to an end around July 21, 2021. Although all kinds of minigames and activities will be released over the span of the next couple of weeks, you can start collecting conch shells for the Echoing Tales questline immediately. So what are you waiting for?

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1. “The General,” Pudding Isle

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After you first arrive to the archipelago and finish the opening cutscene, drop down to the island just beneath you. There, positioned on a rock, you’ll find “The General” conch shell.

2. “One River Flowing Down the Middle,” Twinning Isle

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Follow the trail of glimmering beacons from your starter island, which will lead you past another small island (lower Twinning Isle) with the second conch at the top.

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3. “Four Winds Bring the Sound of Joy,” Twinning Isle

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Go to the next island above the one you just visited (it is bigger than the two previously encountered islands). This one has both the third conch shell as well as the Teleport Waypoint that will lift the heavy fog.

4. “None Return,” Broken Isle

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The “None Return” conch can be found on the island northeast of the main Broken Isle.

5. “The Price of Experimentation,” Pudding Isle

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Return to your starting point in the Pudding Isle. On the taller island, you’ll find the final conch available for collecting on Day One.

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