Money is scarce in Phasmophobia, especially for players that want to bring their equipment every round but get caught by the Ghost at the end. The easiest method of earning money is to play the game on higher difficulties as the multiplier for how much money is earned goes up. Nightmare is unlocked at level 14 and players can reach this fairly quickly just by playing the game and earning money. These are some tips for how to earn money fast in Phasmophobia.

The easiest way to earn money fast in Phasmophobia

Every method of earning money quickly will be slightly different but the best way to farm takes less than 5 minutes each round and can earn a minimum of $120 each investigation. Here is how to do it.

  • Step One – Reach level 14 and unlock Nightmare Difficulty. This increases the reward multiplier by four times.
  • Step Two – Bring no equipment.
  • Step Three – Pick a tiny map that the player knows where the Cursed Items are.
  • Step Four – Take a picture of both the Bone and the Cursed Item as well as any Interaction that may occur. Don’t forget to collect the Bone after taking a photo!
  • Step Five – Leave! Players can guess the ghost before leaving but even without getting it right, they will have earned $120 from two three star photos.

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Players that want a three star photo should crouch before taking the photo. Even if someone is obscuring their ability to see the Bone or Cursed Item, the value of the photo is valued by distance. Tanglewood, Edgefield, and Willow Street are all small maps that will only take players a few minutes to memorize the layout.

Easiest Objectives for money in Phasmophobia

In addition to the farming method of taking pictures, some objectives can be completed for more money. Each additional objective, including guessing the Ghost correctly, will give players $40. The easiest ones are:

  • Find evidence of paranormal activity with an EMF Reader – The EMF is brought for free on every investigation and can have readings anytime the Ghost performs an action. The Ouji Board will give off an EMF reading as well when used, making it very reliable in completing the objective.
  • Capture a photo of the ghost – This can most easily be done with a Summoning Circle or risking using the Tarot Cards. The Ghost can appear randomly as well, but this can take time. If players bring a Lighter with them, they can activate the Summoning Circle, snap a picture, and retreat to the nearest hiding spot.
  • Have a member of your team witness a Ghost event – This is extremely random and more likely to happen at lower Sanity but can happen forcibly with Tarot Cards, the Music Box, or the Summoning Circle.

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