Our Drive and Park Game Guide features information on how-to get the most out of this mobile game! While the premise sounds pretty easy, it can be difficult to get it just right and earn all that cash for sweet new rides. We’ve got tips & tricks, and a look at some of the cars you can earn.

While this is just a tap and hold style of game, it’s actually pretty interesting how they vary up that simplistic way to play. You tap, hold, and let go to park your car. There are a bunch of different cars that features different sizes and speeds, which add dimension to this simple game-play mechanic. While I’m not saying this is an overly complicated game, it does a surprising amount with such a simple concept.

Drive and Park Cars List

There are currently over 20 cars that you can earn and have in your garage. Each of these cars has a rarity, that rarity determines how much money you’ll be able to earn with that particular car. Each car also has stats, some are faster than others, and some are larger. Larger cars are usually slower, while smaller vehicles tend to be faster. It doesn’t really matter in terms of money, although you’ll want to try to stick with cars of the same speed so you get used to the parking.

Common Cars

  • GTI – Size: 2, Speed: 2.
  • Hatch – Size: 2, Speed: 2.
  • Limo – Size: 3, Speed: 2.
  • Long – Size: 3, Speed: 2.
  • Micro – Size 2: Speed: 2.
  • Sedan – Size: 3, Speed: 1.
  • Spiffy – Size: 2, Speed: 3.
  • SUV – Size: 2, Speed: 2.

Rare Cars

  • Bean – Size: 1, Speed: 3.
  • Coupe – Size: 3, Speed: 2.
  • Doctor – Size: 3, Speed: 2.
  • Dune – Size: 3, Speed: 2.
  • FL-85 – Size: 3, Speed: 3.
  • Gull – Size: 3, Speed: 2.
  • Muscle – Size: 3, Speed: 3.
  • Ram – Size: 3, Speed: 2.
  • Taxi – Size: 2, Speed: 2.
  • Truck – Size: 3, Speed: 1.
  • Wagon – Size: 3, Speed: 2.

Epic Cars

  • Buggy – Size: 3, Speed: 2.
  • Double – Size: 3, Speed: 1.
  • Gumball – Size: 2, Speed: 3.
  • Hippie – Size: 3, Speed: 3.
  • Kabuto – Size: 2, Speed: 3.

More About Cars

You get new cars by completing levels, watching ads, spinning for them every three to four hours, completing goals, or purchasing them with real money. If you get a car that you already have, the card you received will increase the amount of money you make with that specific car.

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Getting Money

You pretty much only get money by completing levels and parking cars. Use the cars you have that will give you the most profit each time you park them. It’s also important to try and get a perfect park each time you attempt to park the car. You get double the money for a perfect park job, so this should be your goal each time.

If you are wondering what you’ll use the money on, well you mostly use it to buy abilities onto your cars. The abilities give you bonuses to earn more money in specific levels of the game. One such bonus is one I got on my Dune vehicle: “Perfect Bonus x1.5 in Cairo.” There’s other bonuses to be had as well, another can be “Can Park Anywhere Once.”

Drive and Park Tips & Tricks

  • Hold your turns a bit longer than you’d actually expect. It’s better to be a little late on your parking than early. If you are early, you will have to start over in that particular round (you can watch an ad to continue). If you are a bit late to park, you’ll just hit the curb but you’ll still get money and get to continue with the run.
  • If you are parking a slower car, you’ll need to wait a bit longer than normal before you go into your turn. These cars are usually bigger than the fast cars, so you’ll need to practice it a bit to get a feel for it.
  • On the other hand, if you are parking a faster car, you’ll need to go into your turn earlier than usual.
  • Once you start having a few cars, you’ll want to keep your four options as close in speed as you can. This makes it easier for you to become consistent with your parking.
  • Make sure to login every three or four hours to get a free car card! You can find these in the store (shopping cart icon).
  • To get perfect parks, you’ll need to make sure to be between the lines of the parking spot (you can be a bit on the line), and be pretty much perfectly lined up with the curb. It takes some practice to get this down, but you’ll get the hang of it the more you play.

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