Making friends is a great skill to have in real life, but even more so in Dreamscaper. Developing closer relationships with the game’s characters results in obtaining better weapons, skills, and unlocking new dialogue.

After collecting the necessary materials, you can craft gifts from the Dream Journal by your bed. Better quality gifts will boost your relationships faster, but you may have to progress further in the game before gaining access to the higher tier resources.

1-Star Gifts

  • Abstract Poem: Bruce, Carl
  • Artistic Photo From Trip Abroad: Eve, Tamal
  • Hand Made Coaster: Alison, Eve
  • Illustration of Historic Redhaven: Bruce, Fernando
  • Painting of a Serene Landscape: Eve, Tamal
  • Photo of the Redhaven Streets: Bruce, Tamal
  • Seashell Earrings: Rose
  • Sketch of a Mighty Heroine: Alison
  • Sleek Earplug Case: Alison, Rose
  • Sweat Bands with Geometric Pattern: Carl, Fernando, Rose
  • Whimsical Sonnet: Alison, Bruce

2-Star Gifts

  • Cool Beat Poem: Tamal
  • Fox-Shaped Cookies: Alison, Tamal
  • Hand-drawn Movie Poster: Alison
  • Notebook with Illustrated Cover: Bruce
  • Painting of a Far-away Land: Eve, Tamal
  • Pencil Study of Downtown: Bruce
  • Postcard of Redhaven: Eve

3-Star Gifts

  • Beautiful Aerial Photo: Eve, Tamal
  • Carved Walking Stick: Tamal
  • Fantastical Short Story: Alison, Bruce, Eve
  • Homemade Oven Mitts: Bruce, Tamal
  • Miniature Sculpture of a Puppy: Alison
  • Picturebook: Alison, Eve
  • Striking Watercolor of a Sunset: Eve

4-Star Gifts

  • Embroidered Hand Towel: Tamal, Bruce
  • Hand-carved Pocket Knife: Tamal
  • Miniature of Redhaven Theater: Bruce
  • Rustic Mug: Alison

5-Star Gifts

  • Hand-made Duffel Bag: Carl, Tamal
  • Illustration of a Classical Musician: Alison, Bruce, Fernando
  • Photo of a Biker Convoy: Eve, Tamal
  • Prehistoric Joke Collection: Alison, Bruce
  • Salvaged Leather Belt: Fernando

6-Star Gifts

  • Exquisite Turned Pen: Bruce, Carl, Eve, Tamal
  • Miniature Oak Cask: Eve
  • Playing Card of Historical Figures: Bruce, Fernando
  • Tryptic of a Famous Knight: Alison, Bruce, Carl

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