A casino is a common theme in the Dragon Quest franchise. If there were a game that didn’t have one in, it’d be pretty weird! A lot of time can be spent in these casinos due to the prizes being that great, especially early in the game. It’s worth farming for casino tokens to earn them!

Dragon Quest XI Casino Gambling Guide

On your travels throughout Dragon Quest XI, you’ll come across a Casino, and it’s in your best interest to spend some time in here as you can get some powerful new gear, as well as earning some additional costumes for party members, especially Jade. Here’s a Casino Gambling guide to help you take home some riches!

The first thing you need to save the game, as it’s very dependant on luck if you’re going to strike lucky or not in the casino. If not, reload your game, and no harm is done! There are actually two casinos in Dragon Quest XI, one is in Puerto Valor, but one is very late into the mid-game, though we won’t mention the name as it’s a spoiler.

Now, you cannot actually earn Gold in the casinos, but you can earn unique prizes that are incredibly valuable. When in a casino, you need to exchange your gold for casino tokens, and these tokens you can see to play three different games: Poker, Roulette, or Slots. We recommend having about 500 Tokens to spend. Play these games in this order to earn enough tokens to move onto the next game.

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Poker: Poker is the easiest game to win, but the cashout is not lucrative unless you always hit the highest odds, Royal Flush, etc. It’s the first game to start with, to steadily earn some tokens to move on to the next game.

Slots: Slots has two different modes, manual and automatic. If you have enough tokens, automatic is the best option. It takes no effort; you can do something else when the slots are playing. For the best odds, speak to the workers in the casino, and they’ll inform you what machines are hot or not. If you pick the right machine, it can trigger “Metal Mode,” where you can earn a massive payout. And once again, leave it on auto and let the game do its thing!

Roulette: This is the perfect gambler’s game, as it’s either win big or go home. Remember, always save the game when you think you have a lot of tokens, as a lot of time and energy can be spent here, for it to be quickly lost. After you have saved, basically save scum the roulette table. Place everything you can on the jackpot. If you didn’t win, reload. Rinse and repeat. The payout of this option is more than worth the hassle it takes to win.

Here is what you can win in Puerto Valor:

  • Down the Rabbithole (500 Tokens)
  • Mercury’s Bandana (2500 Tokens)
  • White Shield (5000 Tokens)
  • Yggdrasil Leaf (5000 Tokens)
  • Infernails (7500 Tokens)
  • Staff of Sentencing (7500 Tokens)
  • Arriviste’s Vest (10000 Tokens)
  • Elevating Vest (10000 Tokens)
  • Spangled Dress (25000 Tokens)
  • Platinum Sword (50000 Tokens)
  • Lightning Lance (75000 Tokens)
  • Platinum Powersword (100000 Tokens)

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